Prodigies, Porsche, Provenance, and Public School Programs
Imposter Syndrome, Editorial Parenting, and Progress over Process
Career Expansion, The Networking Effect, Sales vs Marketing & Our New Congressman

December 2022

PPPPredictions and Plans, Pros and Cons for 2023
The Next Phase of Marketing with Tokens, A.I., and the Potential of Pseudonymity

November 2022

Building, Simplifying & Learning In the Face of Uncertainty
The World Cup, The Dotcom 2.0 Crash, Newsletters(s), and Election Stagnation
Personal Branding, Solo Travel, Decreasing Crime Rates, Twitter, and Tokens

October 2022

On Language, On Point; Off the Chain, and Off the Deep End
Measuring the Linguistic, Musical, Artificial, and the Emotional

September 2022

The Certainty of Uncertainty
Navigating the evolving digital age, our kids, social progress, and the Five D's